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System32 Errors

What Causes System32 Errors?

Your Windows System32 folder (C:\WINDOWS\System32) contains essential operating system files that Windows needs to run smoothly. These files include drivers to run your hardware components, Windows shell extensions, and system restore points among many other critical components. System32 errors can be the result of corrupt or damaged core system files (such as Config.nt, autoexec.nt, and command.com), install and uninstall files and settings, and downloaded file components needed to run new software.

Corruption in your System32 directory can happen very easily, especially without regular Windows system maintenance.

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How to manually troubleshoot System32 errors:

The sheer number of System32 files can make troubleshooting file-by-file a difficult task. However there are a few tips that can help in some cases.

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For Windows or file system-related System32 errors, the following steps may help:

Alternatively, you could try to manually replace and edit the files in your System32 folder, but this is can be very dangerous to the rest of your Windows File System. The interdependencies between files and components stored in the System32 folder are vast, and there's a very good chance that further damage to your Windows PC could result with manual editing.

PCTuneUpTips highly recommends using the right software utility to fix System32 errors automatically.

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